"Nude Meet and Greet, Potluck Sunday"
At The Lake

picture of pavilion

Bring a nice dish to share, something good so all can enjoy.
NOTE:  if you are not able to bring a dish please chip in a donation
for each person.

DJ Riptide, Dave and Kimi will be playing your music

Starts at 9:00 a.m.

Free Wi-fi
Nice pool
Pavilion in case it rains
free ice for your drinks (not for your cooler)

This is not a play day, rather a meet and greet to make your promises for later.  Enjoy a day in the sun with a large, nice, warm pool, nice people, music, food.

Listen or dance to the music of DJ Riptide taking your requests, and playing music from Oldies to Country and anything in-between.,

Sign up below for more information and directions to the lake, as well as the gate code.

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